Part of the StruggLe! !!!

you better believe!
i was born in the struggle
that’s why my mind and my voice
ain’t got no muzzle
romero was shot
the very same year
my soul was brought
iSan Salvador
where I was Born
families and trees
all war torn
it was nothin but another day
the people would mourn
they were fightin for the right to pray
and grow corn
it’s what they would say
when they would pray and obey
that would make them disappear
when they were carried away
sometimes they were found
laying dead on the beach
with the head off their body
way out the hands reach
the bodies mutilated
and the tongues were missing
the results of defying
what they were insisting
still listing all the names
of the next suspect
and why was this done
lets take a look n check
it’s called land reform
to get out of debt
14 families
own 90 percent
Nicaragua said no way
and El Salvador started
so my struggle is for us
and those dearly departed


i Like that

"Stability and security in Central Asia are best ensured primarily through efforts taken by the nations of the region on the basis of the existing regional associations,''

taken from
aL Jazeera

and there's also
this! . . Naomi Klien is the bomb. . .. =D .. . she is!

one Love Yo!


What's WoRse??


i really wish i had time to write more commentary and speak my mind and what's goin on in my life and in the world. but iL just keep postin Lyrics for now. i hope you are doin good and that you are choosing good over evil. Life over death. And God over nothin.

one Love for everythin!

QuietLy. ..
cuz you not gonna find me
tryin to fit the role
of those that despise me
tryin to divide me
me and my soul
teLin me the refLection in the mirror ain’t goLd
but im noT buyin what is soLd
or believin what im toLd
im among some

that beLieve Love
to be one
and i see aLot of peopLe
that should be holdin their tounge
because the breath in their Lung
is a scene of death painted
young minds tainted
almost blinded
at birth
robbed of their identity
and their God given worth
what’s worse??
that they turn you into a
toyz R us Kid
labeling you
and everythin you do
like a dot on a grid
or That after they get you
therez lust, hate n greed
a need for weed
a desire to bleed
and indeed
that they succeed
to mislead
the difference between what’s really a want

and what is really a need


TumbLe the Tide

I wouldn't master
over another human being
I wouldn't master over someone
on my own team
I wouldn't master over anyone
I wouldn't master over a queen
I'm tryin ta make life last
And I'm tryin ta keep it clean
Because itz been too long
With the obscene and strong
Regulating our way of life
Like a machine gone wrong
Itz on.... .. .
With the People's Poets Song
Tumble the tide
Collide and go hide
Guerrilla style warfare
If thatz what we decide
we’L stand up strong
And defy side by side
Together we take our stride
And we take turns to guide
You can say whatever you want
But we won't let it slide
We know who you are
We know with who you allied
sometimes so outrageous
Itz left wide eyed
But I've cried
And now my tears have dried
I got homies I Love
I still see bound n tied
and I'm willing to give up everything
To give to them what's been denied
And I don't just see the truth
when I'm red out and high
So I stopped smoking weed
I don't need to be fried
The truth is a mile wide
And I recite it with loving pride
Because each word of right
Feeds me with light
How many times am I gonna ask
When are we gonna unite
However many it takes
For beast's wayz ta break
The snake… .
Shakes with each step we take
Because the footprints left behind
Let new life awake
We have so much to do
So many footprints to make


comandanTe che GueVaRa

Claro que mi cara nunca para la amistad
Entre el canto y La palabra, las saladas lagrimas
Esta lucha continua porque tenemos que cambiar
only one way to do it man, hay que caminar
unidos n informed, uniformed if we have to
in a form that’ll storm cuz the normal is not true
be a doctor or fight for the indigenous right
afrika to boLivia comandante had one sight

mira tu familia y la povresa en la guerilla
cada uno lucha siempre y somos una malloria
so why not get together y formar un Nuevo dia
me ollen, do you want this? Common let me hear ya
cuz we need tha action backin not defractin what we do
the change is for all a us and itz up to me and you
we the voices of the past – we the voices of today
speakin rebel poem the pen iz knowin what to say


cuz really now.

for a long long time Warren G was my favorite rapper. His very first aLbum reguLate was constantly being played as i rapped right aLong with it. Years later i wanted to become an rapper. and I stated listenin to Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, The Roots, and i started Learnin what the difference between rap and hiphop were. i aLways though that it was all about semantics and hiphop was more chillin, but rap was quicker deLivery. .. oh the ignorance from growing up strictly on radio, westcoast bangin, and friends who actd like they knew.

as i began to faL in Love with HipHop, and reLabLe myseLf as an emcee, I started to find my tastes way drastically changin (no surprise there) and I began to find aLot of the music I use to listen too as ignorant and tasteless. and then one day. whiLe doin some volunteer work to try and right some of wrongs of the american 'medical aid' that went to the former president of Peru ,Alberto Fujimori, (1990-2000) who pressured 200,000 indigenous people (mostly women) in rural areas (mainly Quechuas and Aymaras) into being sterilized. Compulsory sterilization is equivilent to genocide (to take away their land).

so nEwayz. i was doin some voluntary work and Listenin to Masta Ace and he dropped some like about 'my mindz on my money and my moneyz on my mind'. and hearin that just pissed me off so bad because it is so ignorant and so self serving and so low on the priority of things if you consider human life to be sacred.

I recongnized where that line came from. and it's a line that warren g first came out with and that Tupac and Snoop popularized. So i picked up my pen, and.... .. i wrote.

peace. and one Love aL!!!

If my mindz on my money
And my moneyz on my mind
Is there really any time---
For me to be kind??
And if I lose my money
Will I lose my mind??
I need to ask these questions
And I hope you don’t mind
One thing I really want
Is a global peace sign
And for the fall of all
Walkin around street blind
Therez so much of the past
That getz forgotten by the grind
Whoz goin to stand up
And bring the wordz to remind
Ourselves about our soul
And that we can redefine
Everything that surrounds us
As long as we align

Ourselves with our heart
And the fellow mankind
Not commercial vendors
Who are keeping us behind
Lustin for more sex
And the dollar-dollar sign
They keeping us blind
Not givin us the space or time
To properly point the subjects
Comittin all the crime
But itz really clear to see
If you have a healthy mind
So they corrupt and interrupt
Hoping that we won’t find
Those cruel vicious evolz
And put them in a line

Bustin them like parents
Putting dem on decline
So that we can do our thing
What’s comin is our time
We’ll have to choose views
That do not abuse
Every time I wake up
They’re pushin down snooze
I’m sick of all the lies
That are makin us lose
Grasp of what’s real
And the emotions I feel
The real deal is I’m hurt
And I’m needin to heal
I can see us all
livin an ideal
No longer living by
The Thingz that they conceal
I’m gonna grab the fruit
Peel peel and reveal
Reclaim and redistribute
All the things that they steal
For every human being
To have a decent meal
No more chasin trends
Like a hamster on a wheel
This is comin to you
With the hopez of mass appeal

n Forever!
let’s be cLever!
now or never!
they better
and sever

they better hear our cries
they better hear our screams
we’re not holding back
we’re fuLfiLing all our dreams

human rights abuses
growing more every day
every moment that goes by
YO I watch them aL replay
those that do feeL it
don’t you have somethin to say
let’s check the black n white
for now bust the gray
yes they’re droppin bombs
N yes it’s far away
but they are humans too
and their pain is on display
while we go to the theatre
and see some nice ballet
hot metal bullets
eat flesh as they spray
governments sell out
they continue to betray
and if we don’t act
these things are goin to stay

if we don’t stand up
and be the voice for the weak
take a true stand
yeLL and demand on the street
we’re not gonna ever
stop the rule of the elite
man! they’re gonna run wiLd
and they’L never retreat
until we grab the reigns
jump out the back seat
every human on the planet
deserves somethin to eat
every woman man n chiLd
needs a place to sleep
the fight is not complete
rise up from your seat

Pushin back the lies
giving strength to the beat
of all the hearts marchin
each one of em unique
So even though I work
everyday for some dough
my mind is not on my money
itz on how I can grow
with Love peace n justice
and how I can show
people I don’t know
that I love them like a bro
but that we are trapped
held down by status quo
and yet we can stand
rise up from way below
dig deep and shine our light
letting every bit go
the abuses are so cruel
man you don’t even know
and they’re committed every second
perpetrated so slow
we should protect one another
this we already know
please open up your feelings
raise your voice and say NO
i wiLL not just sit back and
let these injustices go

we gotta rise up, rise up
it’s on us
we gotta Love Love
love Love and act just





Otro Mundo

There’s times in my life
when I can’t see it
or believe it

but for most of the time
i can see myself breath it

believin in creation
more than temptation

proper people make moves
determined and their patient

learnin ta walk bLind
because sometimes we are facin

the world
and all it’s lies
what a surprise
another peron dies

everyone is lookin
but no one hears the cries

itz not that we’re bLind

but we’re taught to cLose our eyes

and never defend our friend
when they’re offendin the law

they make us keep their game
when they teL us what we saw

but i never forgot the spot
in my heart thatz pure

faLse media is the iLness!

the truth is the cure!

eyez on what couLd be
no doubt. yeah. for sure.

Our force unstoppable!!
another world is possible!! !

otro mundo es posibLe!! ! !
one Love yo!


two time thinkin

I don't get consumed
by the tune
of two time thinkin
what I'm bringin
is authentic
augment it
and inspect it
if I sent it
it really was what I felt
and really my most excellent
I don't have time for fake
or false moves
I purged all those wayz
but I can still read those clues
my views
and what I choose to do
grew outta my need for purpose
and church is where I felt complete
so I knelt
and I took my seat
I repeat
Church is where I felt complete
Realized I was unique
And on my knees
I began to seek
What life was all about
And nothing made sense
And so it turns out
I was wishin for a mission to materialize
I would theorize
My destiny must be written in the stars
I’m meant to crash down
The biggest thickest bars
And free God’s people
Who need all
the help that they can get
but check what I met
it was even better yet
I was set and let to lead
The help for people in need
Everything is everything
That was the first seed in arable land
I began to understand
The guiding hand of God
And how hard
the right thing to do
and a few clues here and there
where enough to keep me
from being scared
as I dared to do more
but still saw it as a chore
that would one day end
and then
I would go back to my life again
I didn’t see
I didn’t understand
I was to grow and be a man
Before I could rise to my feet
I had to sit and take my seat
Church is still where I feel complete.
And I can see the day
Though not the way
When we’ll all rise to our feet.

-JuleZ (December 27, 2005)


Word Association

Here's some funny Lyrics from a 7L & Esoteric song called word association:

Esoteric, we're gonna play a little gameI'm gonna give you a word,
you tell me exactly what comes to mind
let's go
Brain - tumor,
suede - Puma
Natalie - true,
Liv Tyler - rumor
Lionel - my man,
weapon - mic stand
Moogoo - gai-pain?
Essex - fry clan
Sample - truncate,
45 - drum break
Mescaline - dumb fake,
rent money - month late
Aguilera - lame slut,
Cameo - change cut
Lance Rivera - shank up,
Rawkus Records - bankrupt

Sittin here gettin my brain exam'd
Like I'm a,
deranged man with the strangest plan
I got the,
seat reclined in the therapy spot
The psycho-analyst is lookin at me like I'm a crackpot
Now sit back and relax -
I'm doin that already
Please keep your hands steady - Why?
Your face is all sweaty
Yo I'm ready to heave
Mr. Ryan just breathe
I'll do a few more of these,
then I'm gonna leave
Tom Cruise - Ray*Ban,
Elton John - gay man
Backpack - wack flow,
fur coat - Fat Joe
Farrakhan - Nation,
mad soul - Haitian
A title, for this joint? Word Association

[7L scratching]
Listen up as I take out the rhyme book"
"From the rude attitude, done got in it to win it"
Okay, now tell me a little bit about your educationI didn't
breeze through school,
well actually I did
I breezed through the campus center back to my crib
You like to socialize?
- Yeah -
Well that's no surprise
Plus it's somethin that a lunatic mostly denies
Chill, whatchu tryin to say, that I'm about to explode?
My last crazy episode was during
(?)nematode(?)"Disguising his microbiotics.."
that was dope
Well it goes without saying like old folks, continue
Okay Tiger - Chun Li,
Crocodile - Dundee
Big pimp - Rocky V,
hook shots - from three
Revelie - no crew,
nerd bath - tofu
Richard Lewis - beaucoup,
where is he? No clue
Groupies - free throws,
Aria - need hoes
Chinatown - peep shows
cellos - umm, cheap clothes
Pedophile - pulpit
De La - cool skit
How do you feel about this exam?
I think it's bullshit!

[7L scratching]
"Well, well, well! I'll be damned"
"Say what?" - "is the word" - "I don't know"
"Like I.. like I said before..""Listen up as I take out the rhyme book"
"I'm dead serious and I won't fess it.."
".. but chill 'til I finish the third verse"
"Now, listen-listen to the past"
This is going well,
tell me a little about uhh, Metzer

The punk stand front and centerRed carpets roll,
ladies trumpet as they enter
Light years beyond, my title's number one contender
Mind of an inventor with the grace of a fencer
Look, I gives a fuck if you're white, black or octaroon
I'll lock you in a room, make you pop balloons
filled with toxic fumes,
yeah you shoulda bought a tomb
Cause Esoteric puts the Metal to your Face like Dr. Doom
Is-is that true? - Nah but it's a hot rhyme
Just give me a word,
I'll say what pops to my mind
cell - phone or prison?
Esoteric - vocalism
Freestyle - old tradition,
Mass Ave. - Pole Position
Dirtbag - chopperhead,
Trevski - knock him dead
Big troops - knuckle up,
Jedi Mind - fuck you up
Diesel - buttonfly,
Kool Keith - Russian spy
No press - no Es,
hope chest - slow death
This a joke? Hell no,
kangaroo - velcro
Fat lace - shelltoe,
Spud Webb - Elmo?
Letterman - great host,
Moltar - Space Ghost
Applebee's - tastes gross,
lap dance - pesos
Kid Rock - white trash,
Limp Bizkit - don't ask
Handgun - under stress,
LSD - Hunter S.

Thanks for your time
That I can't allow
You're legally insane, you'll be living here now


This Jam

growing up inside the industry
i couldnt see
what hiphop was all about
what did it mean to me
radioplay n what they say
n what they do
money up on my mind
but that wasn’t true
this music is my culture
and i Live it straight up
people bangin out the hits
but they cannot get up
if you talk about freedom
then you will be shut up
but not any more
cuz we people fed up
standing with our face up
and defyin the pimp
gonna take back what is ours
push the pimp off the brink
raise up with our arms
redefine what we think
Yo! this is how we comin
this what People’s Poets bring
this industry is history
just look at my rhyme
puttin pieces to the puzzle
n my mind is on time
now raise your hands up
common raise them higher
this jam is amplified

raise your hands up higher



I bubbLe and erupt
wen i see the most corrupt
question period will come up
n i just won’t shut up
speakin in the voices
of the people that are most fed up
a whole country is set up
just look at iraq
no terrorism ties
just a bunch a media lies
comin out the dirty mouths
of the same white guys
they have a complex
with themselves
so they hate
everything else
own anything they want
so they turn around and sell
no purpose to their life
n it aint that hard to tell
there aint no time to waste
so i stand up and rebeL
God, politicize my eyes
so that i can reaLize
what is really goin on
why another human dies
i defies what you do
with words n point of view
this is really seen
when my action carry through
people stop n laugh
and the’ll laugh at you too
but we gotta keep goin
cuz we know what to do

- JuLez June 13, 2007


snatchin up the mic

im snatchin up the mic
like how i rite
reaL tight!
fully intentional
and ready to fight
straight battlin ideas
steady turnin on light
Like minds together
shining stars in the night
when we gonna get together
bust our full force might
everyone knowz... .
Love aLwayz wins Rite? Rite?
PeopLe always Like. Like.
FeeLin aLright. Right?
so they give a few dollars
for some children not white. white.
poor underdeveloped
countries that they help
are actually fully developed
to be dependent on our wealth
and their health dont matter
so their population scatter
move to north america
forget and get fatter
the global south gets battered
our local youth get sadder
all of this matters
so everyone gets madder
cop Gun goes tat-ter
if your action really matter
you wanna make a change
but you don’t know how
get up and make a difference
Yes Right Now!
but watch out for the cop
that makes the gun go BLAOW!

- JuLez June 10, 2007


TransLatin The Transmission

So . . I think that we are each made unique and that the gifts we are give have been dispersed in such a way that when we come together they are one. One thing iv reaLized im good at doin is expLainin concepts, ideas, and feeLings.

This song is in the name of Justice and so that peopLe who don't know may know. it's for us aL to have more consciousness of what the probLems are and so that we may have courage to stand up with everything we have!

one God. one peopLe. one Love.

Things aren't as complicated as
left over matter from nuclear fission
but they still comin quite complex
so I'm translatin the transmission
And i'm not pretending to understand
quoted encoded inquisitions
Because I do!
one day!

I made the decision
to educate, n elevate
and optimize my own vision
people who think the problems are just gonna go away
man! They're straight blind
and! they're just wishin
and I'm not fishin for answers
how could i

when the waterz dried up?
due to global warmin pollution
makin us literally sick and fed up
let up
on all those
illigitimate thingz that you do
transnational corporations Im lookin
and I'm talkin to you
democratization of you multibillionz
iz what you fear most
but itz comin
you brought it on yourself
and you'll soon be toast ... .
and to the US exec
democracy iz not rockets and blowz
it's representin the decision
that the people have chose
I know that you know
but you don't act like you knowz
we've come az refugees to your countries
to bring freedom to foes
because oppressors can't free themselves
they're just as locked up as us too
read the pedagogy of the oppressed
so that Pablo Freire can review
just exactly how we're goin to go about
the liberation of you
how many women have you raped
abroad and at home
while still sayin that therez nothin wrong
with sexualizin everythin down to the bone
i've been so subject to this
and I know I'm not alone
I don't sleep
you don't sleep
how long can we keep
lookin at each other
sayin therez nothin wrong here at home
therez a fire in the kitchen
the food iz all burnt
the kidz are skippin schooL
drugz and sex is all they learnt
and your empty words just
turn turn and turn
spinnin lies
spinnin lies
closing eyes
killin lives
and at the end of the day
no one ever survives
this is your world
you've had your turn
let us have ourz
I promise
there'll be no such thingz
az political superpowerz
or old comfy white men
inside their safe ivory towers
callin for the fall of
napalm meteoroid showers
you cowards!
Come walk through the graves
Of the just, strong, and weak
And take big long breaths
So you can smell how you wreak
Checka checka
The new school books will have
So much more content to teach
The children will grow up strong
And as long as we continue to seek
We'll be able to correct the wrong
A better world we'll continue to reach

Common we can do this
Common yo we can do this

Common we can do this
Common yo we can do this

Common let's get together
Believe me itz not useless

This iz empowering to the people that know
But to the people who don't
Let me say it more slow

They want us to grow
And then throw us away
You don't think that's true
Just look at history
cuz I'm not just talking
About the US machine
I'm talkin about imperialism
And everywhere that itz been
chasin pyramids
Chasin gold
Chasin oil
Chasin green
Fightin for liberty
Or fightin for the queen
The bad guys tag team
And it seem they never lose
But look at mother earth
And every single bruise
And you'll be able to see their tracks
Or at least read the clues

Their views are all messed
Our water condition is stressed
A five year old child
gets a bomb on her chest
while someone gets flattered
about how nice they are dressed
and that's just another day
for us here in the west
people aiming to get through school
racist textbook and test
and those TV sitcoms
are mindless at best
repetitive garbage
every single season
and whether you know
or you don't
people grow up to be them
I see them
and also the demon inside
that takes away their reason
and fills it with lies
Like that NAFTA is good
but what a surprise
free trade in only made
so that we can enslave
a whole country’s economy
we’re not there to save
foreign markets or culture
that’s all a charade
we behave like we help
to create jobs... promote trade
but those legally bounding contracts
are the new imperial way
but don’t get me wrong
they still kill and they slay
roll in with mad aggression
marines, or C.I.A
politicians with their words
displacing the people
steaLin everythin in sight
like as if they really need it aLL
greedy. Lying, abusive colonialism
chased with a full glass
of ignorant consumerism

and when this isn’t the case
they’re still a disgrace
they have no respect
for any other race
this is lived out in so many wayz
tampering with the politics
of a populous
they not stopin this
they’ve rigged elections
here, to, and fro
it’s so common knowledge
people are like
“yeah!.. .well.. . I know!”
but this isn’t just somethin
that happened years ago
it happened again
this year (2006)
here in Mexico
isn’t that aLarming
how can we let that go
we don’t have to
but corprate media
won’t let you know
you’ll have to dig it yourself
but itz really easy yo
should be your daily show
they’ll tell you the truth
and play it blow for blow
the truth is out there
but you have to care
and dare to step out
itz not enough to be aware
and kinda know about
cuz that still leave too many
tricks and unresolved doubt

And my question is this
I hope I don’t miss
really! where is Europe
all up in this
how can they dismiss
that all this doesn’t exist
why are they silent
they’re silence is violence
they are progressive and all
but they’re hand are soaked in blood
why don’t they do somethin
its like they’re stuck in the mud
not willing to do a single thing for love

itz subtle but not
how do we get caught
locked up in a jail
and not know we’ve been bought
to work 40 hour weeks
and then go shop
we’re a cog in the system
until we resist them
we should dream
one hundred new worldz
and then we should list them
grab them in your fist
raise them to the air
and kiss them

Common we can do this
Common yo we can do this

Common we can do this
Common yo we can do this

Common let's get together

Believe me itz not useless


HipHop is a GifT

HipHop is a gift
and it was given to the people – people
people spoke the WORD
and you know it was heard
earz and mouthz popd
the beat dropd absurd
people thought it FRESH
yeah funky funky fresh (fi – fi – fresh)
it started saving Lives
people loved it to death
the music was a prize
people left outta breath
the culture dope n def
get your voice off your chest
the culture was obsessed
when the industry pressed
you know you can’t contest
that there was money to earn
but when did it turn
this Love into burn
this concern i discern
is the ugly return
of egyptian slavery
who agree a man free
is so much better off
makin money for me
now stick to north america
n thats what i see... .
the eurocentric name
wasn’t all that was passed
the indigenous and slaves
were given a mask
and told that makin money
was their only life task

everybody else was doin
so no question to ask

connections to the past
ignored or put last

cuz with a little bit a money
you have a little bit a class
but surpass the vast past
this is about us (HiPhoP)
hypnotic in itz nature (nay cha)
it can even medicate ya
but what if the pill pusher

really only hate ya

- JuLez (may 18, 2007)


They had no oTher choice

Ya Basta!
Porque mi casa es un disasta
and that's tha
reason your money is growin fasta
you put it in a bank
and thank a good return
but every dollar of interest
is a dollar that you earn
off other people's labour
the exploited workin cLass
or off your poor neighbor
the invisible colored mass
that has tolerated hatred
they had no other choice
you filled the streets with bLood
the bullets louder than their voice
and you cleaned off your utensils
with porn, TV, and toys
made up a fake history
imported so much noise
sports team's statistics
round robins and playoffs
a follow the leader education
that doesn't really payoff
but your lies are so old
your imagination not unique
look at the People's Poets
we the harvest that you reap
we'll meet
your hate with Love
take the street
for those we love
we are not weak
because we love
we are all free
and so we love
but as long as there is still
slave and masta
we'll put our hands up

Ya basta!

JuLez, ApriL 15/07


SoLidaritY ForeVeR

the peopLe hoLdin sTrong
cuz the peopLe know itz on
even in the fuTure, man
that concepT wonT be gone
as Long as there is hurt
and not a proper pLace to work
the needLe wiL not stitch
the cLerk wonT seL a shirt
and if the media says
that we’re startin a fued
together we will rise
and say ‘NO’ we’ve been screwed
and we have to include
how the Laws have been skewed
bring back the broken promise
that this country is for us
we’re the onez that buiLd it
so the contracts must be just
and stiL therez so much more
that us workerz can expLore
we see the gLobaL gore
therefore we canT ignore
the money behind the war
what FREE TRADE is really for
billions for them
what about us??
we workin for our famiLy
and they treat us with disgust
our labour in the market
you need it – then respect
solidarity here and now

or even better yet. .. .

JuLez - ApriL 23/07


move da crowd thatz waht MC meanz

'if we were put here to carry a great weight
then the very thingz we hate
are here to buiLd muscLes'
broTher aLi is where itz at! !!Posted by Picasa

The Inter Viewz with me by me

Yo Bro,
How you come and rock it
so eLemenTaL??

i Rock the microphone
Like it was a penciL
i draw a picture
teL a story
or trace a stenciL
cuz geTin the PoinT across
is waTz FundemenTaL!
i taLk about my Loss
and watz detrimentaL
expose the governement
in wayz hard and gentLe

and your name is 4Life Rite?
Yo! wat does that mean??

That i fight with aLL my might
for what is true and what is RiTe
At firsT sight the LighT is BrighT
and at too great of a height
but if you Let your eyez adjust
you’L see creaTion of LiFe
peopLe pushin a Lie
faced with true wonT repLy
so i deny my feeling shy
and stand up for all of life
and im willing to die
for the proper answer 2 why

Yo Man! That hit was deep!
Yo! how do you Keep??

if you really wanna find
you gotta begin to seek
i see the strength is sharing Love
and admitting I am weak
God made us all unique
so i perFecT my Technique
open up my criTicaL mind
and have physique when I speak
i wanna be a soLdier
but I aLso Love to teach
at times i feeL a gLove
Landing on my riTe cheek
and someTimes Monday comes
at the end of the Week
when I hear the drumz drum
i become one with the beat
and no matter what goes down
I aLwayz rize to my feet

Word! That bit was Fresh
And you were even Droppin KnowLedge!
You Musta LearnT that somewhere... .
Maybe University of College?? !

Yeah .. . . i picked up some there
But Really I got if from God
Lettin me talk to peopLe
that couLd Lift the Facade
And waLkin riTe beside me
even though the timez were hard
Teachin me abouT my spirit
even though my body is scarred
I disregard the popuLar piLL
with which the companies KiL
and when I was born
my body was fiLed
with my parents spirit
behaviour and wiL
i have so many ideals
that I keep as real
and I try so hard to stay in tune
with what it iz i feeL

Man! You comin Fresh.. . .
deep and dope
Your faith is comin through
and you got so much hope
I aLso Like your poinT of view
But what more can you Do??

Well.. . .
I can kik 17 bars man. .. .
Just for you??! !!

Yo! That would be tight
Just Let me turn on this Light



17 Barz. . . cuz fuck 16 industry shiT

itz true. and itz been a whiLe. buT thingz 4 me are rite were i Left off pLus the additions of Life. aL Praise to God and power to the peopLe. Because the peopLe hav the power!

My Lyrics are all solid
yeah, just like my word . . . (soLid!)
God is only one (one..one. .. one . .. one)
but also second and third
im not sure if you heard
but itz good to be pure
if you feelin how im healin
let me hear you say word
wasted words want to live
and they will if you give
time and space to verbal waste
and you choose to have no taste
place yourself in the position
where your decision will cure
not only your addiction
but the sufferin the poor
i assure... . .
life won’t be a drag
if you stand up against the forces
that are upholding the bad
ingnore the TV ad
tellin you: you wish you had
recognize the real and fake
say ONE if you awake
and feel the ache of our mistake
when you see a spirit break
man! HipHop won’t ever stop
if you let the beat drop
put that beat on repeat
and with the mic show what you got
that here iz seventeen

n im only passin what’s been taught

JuLez in the kizzous yo.. .. im back. Let's see if i can keep this up =P
one Love for aLL at aLL timez
ApriL 20th 2007 - itz 4-20 but there ainT no need to smoke!


A soLdierz dutY

The crowd keeps their steady walk forward because there is no backwards. Their houses have been burned down. Regional displacement is only the fingertip of the fist that beats them down. The same wicked tongue flaps and is then quoted in the newspaper headlines. "Unruly citizens have been suppressed to protect general society.".. . . Which when translated by the people who lived out the merciless cruelty will say: we finally stood up for our rights and our children were murdered. We took to the streets demanding that the money generated by our labor stay within our country and they raped our women. We said enough! And our men's blood filled the streets.
Soldiers rise in arms and follow the commands that tell them to shoot their own kin and neighbors... . . their future and their past.
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Soldiers often RuLe

I cry
at the sight
of the fight
of the people
linking arms
marching forth
stomach feeling
like a free fall
the batons crash
repetitively fast
as they harass
their own equal
never thinkin
their own face
is a byproduct
of what we call
dominion over
thee small

with their gas mask
they go to task
spray the mass
and beat them
don’t ask
to uphold justice
act as humans
or be treated
as loving creatures
with gentle features

who have they taken on as their teachers??

They’ll shoot the crowd
that shouts out proud:



And like a casino
me know
the odds are all quite stacked
but it’s all possible
when the solutions
are comin at ya
people backed

the rule of the cruel
so vicious
and violent
is lived out by the poor
armed with guns
why are they silent??
millions march for peace
here and overseas
why aren’t they tryin it??
cuz therez prosperity
in capitalism
and American Facism??
I ain’t buyin it!

I feel like one
among them all
but I don’t fall
when they start shooting
my teeth
they grind
I hold my mind
and with my words
begin refuting
every principle
every act
every word they say is false
that pretends ta
explain away pain

I go to war
but not with guns
for now the war is us

I trust the just
I am amongst
those who take a stand
I can adhere
to have no fear
stay strong as we demand
that every villan soldiers
disobey chain of comand.

They have to stop killin their own people.

- JuleZ, June 6, 2006

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One en a haLf

my regret to yet again, to have to depend, on more poetic choices that are a text filled swim, the letterz mixed up and the verses began. I wrote one and a half, here's the first for you. and since you're so cool, there's also preview.

I’m speakin out the truth
so I expect to not be liked
people wanna stay hidden
from my little bit of insight
and thatz alright
I’m more tryin to unite
those that do listen
and are willin to fight
what kind of opposition
does dark hold on the light
it really can’t do much
but just smother and fright
so now we know it’s clear
that I’m standing on the right

really on the left
if you politically check
and on the side of humans
if you see the train wreck
come on yo let’s all let
let’s all let
let the soul ride
where your mind confide
let the love inside divide
the good and the bad side
right where you are torn
where you’ve most cried
you can’t try an abide
by the dollar
so collide!
start basing your decisions
with what you have inside
check to see
if what you be
really is a lie
and why we can’t live differently
at least try

going dressed to an office
where I work
with a revolutionary... .
on my shirt
That’s who I am
and please
try to understand
I’m not lookin to kill a man
I’m not killin
I want people to open their eyes
what they’re feelin
People need to back up their beliefs
it needs
to be shown
we’re lackin a lot of light
we needs
to start glowin
some of you will listen
fully in the knowin
with no intentions
to be goin where I’m showin

would so much rather choke

take their tongue
outta their cheek
and stick it down their throat

down play what I’m sayin
with a racist joke

and that’s alright to me
it’s all part of the yolk
and the burden is light
especially if we unite

- JuLez (February 16, 2006)

and this is something I started to write right after I wrote this last song, and it goes together pretty good, but isn't done yet. .. . .. . One Love!

some people are really pissed
or a little pissed
don’t let it miss
some people are really pissed
or a little pissed
don’t let it miss
some people are really pissed
or a little pissed
don’t let it miss

right now what we really need is
and when we’re done with this
we’ll be comin with dedication
cuz then the dedicated educated
are gonna strategize
how to unite
and what to fight for
can you now see
why they’ve closed this door
communication is locked
in the past we’ve been flocked
but now they’re so scared
their guns are out and cocked
with every new awakening
there’s surprise and shock
hopelessness, anger
liberation and thought

we’ve been bought

and forgot what we sold

- JuLez (February 16, 2006)


Beat Retreat

To keep the flow goin, I have a bit juice, so I put it to use, I let loose and refuse. Have time to write a rhyme, but not a line of text. checks. I hope you like what's next... . .

I feel the beat retreat
the flow in my veins
I take a walk backward
where innocence remains
true peace and love
without silly games
throwing off bonds
instead of more chains
changing simple facts
that lacks a peoples prose
so the actions taken
reflect that I chose
people over money.

spirit over wealth

freedom to overcome
deceitful lying stealth

political crooks
are not to be trusted
they’re tricks are so old
you can’t even yell “BUSTED”
it’s open air lies
deception to some
and that there’s violence
cuz it should be unknown to none

the savage ravage of the peoples
cuz they’re not treated as equals
I got the freedom
to beat em
take their life with their breath
instead I just see them
not consider their death
they can’t place themselves truly
in the place of their brothers
because they’re bred oppressors
the guard dogs for each otherz

and then
from the outside
lookin in
I bin swimmin in
too much toxic sin
perpetrating the man’s
evil way of thought
with the 8 hours of work
and the clothes I bought
I can’t escape the melodrama
day by day I think that I’m gonna
wake to find that I’m just myself
and not at all socialized
for material wealth
my mind get’s more healthy
as I walk away
but I’m drawn back
cuz I wanna stay
how do you leave
the ones you really love
and the whole world
that *muah* you really love
I can’t just pray
and leave it to above
I gotta stay
but no way
I’ll ever sway to your side
sure I’ll participate
in this illegitimate lie
but know that I’m workin
for the day it’ll die

peace Love!

-JuLez (February 13, 2006)


Chin Check

Yo don't get wrecked by the chin check. We all know what's up, to some degree or other we feel it, we see it. We might not have a full grasp on things, or we might be able to systematically pin point each and every element. We're made to feel that there isn't many of us. that we are a tiny faction and minority, but we're more divided then scattered. The division is in our head and we can't see the love that the next person is giving and we don't recongnize our own great gifts and will to do good on an ongoing basis. These are all things that blow away in seconds.. . "it's funny how things can change over night when your thinkin right" (Xzibit, in the song Get you walk on)

Peace all. One Love. Mad Love and Props LiL!!!

I’m chin checkin foolz
but not with my fist
I’m making their jaws drop
by sayin my words crisp
take this list of words
cook up the ingredients
then closely observe
God’s will with obedience

I’m meaning this
my intention and thought
I’m givin it up to God
and making sure the noise is brought
cuz we’re being caught, caged, and sold
we gotta loosen the hold
and remember what we’re told
the meek inherit the earth
and I recognize that I’m bold
but I’m coming with patience and humility
and also courage and my ability
the fight is being fought on all fronts
fightin father figures
a lot biggers
than ourselves
but our triggers clap out words
and our killers draw out worlds
different from those that are imagined
through capitalistic school books
take looks.... . real looks
at the things you tooks
and all the false rules
I’m JuLez
and .... .

I’m chin checkin foolz
but not with my fist
I’m making their jaws drop
by sayin my words crisp
take this list of words
cook up the ingredients
then closely observe

God’s will with obedience

and you know
there’s no fearin this
if you hearin this
and you feelin this
listen to your heart
and start right there
where know what is true
cuz both me and you
have everythin it takes
to makes a new place
where every race is one
and none but yourself
can limit your actions
don’t fall for north american
lies and distractions
the world is bigger than us
and we need to learn to trust
other loving people
we’re more divided than scattered
individualism shouldn’t matter
teeth of the money lined pockets
are goin to chatter
cuz they’re gonna get wrecked

by the chin check

I’m chin checkin foolz
but not with my fist
I’m making their jaws drop
by sayin my words crisp
take this list of words
cook up the ingredients
then closely observe

God’s will with obedience

I hope you're all seein this!!
Love yo!

-JuLez (February 9, 2006)


Peace and Love

trying to eat salt
so that the sugar is sweeter
praying for Peace
cuz like Justice, we need her
Time asks me what gives
and I tell her it her
It’s not that I’m pissed
it’s that I missed her for sure
Morning waits not a second
and the lesson I learn
is to go to bed early
but Night’s respect is hard to earn
She drags me here and there
where I know I need to be
Then disappears.

Morning, are you sure you’re not early??

Sleeping the last hour
in 5 minute increments
wakin up again-n-again
to taunting instruments
vowing that tonight
Lady Night
will not have her way
But what dismay!
when I sway to stay
and in Her embrace say
when you come we will battle
bring me your weariness
and I will bring resolve.
The revolving turns of Nature
says state your intentions
and then note
You called to Tomorrow with pretensions
for Today says
it was you who threw the words
let it end
to the wind
and it was Tomorrow
who took Sorrow and gently loved her into Hope.
It was Hope that loosened the choke
of Violence on Peace.

Every piece of my heart
wanted Peace of Heart
and Peace refused to stand apart
from Justice.
Must this mean
I must trust His team.
an Allstar casting of
Faith Love Hope Humility
Justice Peace Prayer
and Unity

I see Justice as a political prisoner
Peace is missing her
And Peace is getting tump’d
Love is crying
Slumped over from the punch
But already walking again.
Now and then.
Love will never end
her life is eternal.
My internal conflict
sounds surprisingly similar
to shooting searing static
from loud earphones.
If Justice if locked
where then is the key.
If Peace is gettin worked
how can I defend thee??
I see that Violence is thy enemy.
How then?? How??
I bow, next to Humility
and Faith tells me that Hope will never leave,
and that Unity is soon to come.
Prayer calls out to Love, and sends word to Justice.
Wonderful Prayer strengthens his dear friends
and whispers to them of what is beyond.
If only Time were so docile.
Rigid and cold.
I stand, and feel the warmth glow
from the inside out.
Only my soul can shout about
what it is I feel.
I open my eyes and decipher out what’s real.
The Allstar Team should be named Heal
All for the Glory of God.
That’s what’s real.

-JuleZ (December 9, 2005)